Abhang – Vithal Geeti Gaawaa

Sung in Raag Bhoopali by Pundit Bhimsen Joshi, this is a beautiful Abhang. Go ahead and download it if you really love the pure classical music.


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Abhang – Pandharichaa Waas [Marathi]

Pundit Bhimsen Joshi returns with yet another Abhang. Though nobody said nothing, I saw that there were enough takers for the last post on Abhang. So for those of you who wished there were more Abhangs on Artmap, here comes the offer which as always is free.

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Abhang – Kaaya Hi Pandhari [Marathi]

Hello folks!

Though I promised I would bring in more Ghazals for you, while I was listening to some Marathi music today I thought I must share some of that with you too. I was listening to an Abhang by Pundit Bhimsen Joshi which is the kind of music I grew up listening to and playing on the Harmonium. Now for the benefit of those who do not know what an Abhang is, let me explain.

In Marathi, Abhang is like a Bhajan. Yes, a devotional rendition. But there is a lot of difference between Abhang and Bhajan in the way they are rendered. Bhajans are from North India, though we have Southern variants of it, too. Bhajans can be complex in terms of composition and simple as well. They can be deeply classical or semi-classical. But one thing you will notice with Abhangs is that they are always complex and deeply classical. As such, not everyone can sing them.

In Maharashtra, where you will find classical singers, musicians and music connoisseurs in almost every corner, Abhangs are very popular along with other forms of music such as Natya Sangeet, Bhaav Geet, etc. (I am not from Maharashtra in case you are wondering). Acclaimed singers and musicians like Pundit Bhimsen Joshi have sung a lot of Abhangs decades ago and you will still get to hear them in many households in Maharashtra and northern part of Karnataka.

Enough of Gyaan. Let’s listen to this one now. Caution: Do not download and waste your time if you take no interest in pure classical music! And yes, it’s in Marathi!

However, I have a feeling that most people who like Ghazals and Bhajans also find Abhangs musically fulfilling. So, no harm in trying in stead of missing something good! If you would like to listen to more Abhangs then do let me know and I will bring in more of them.

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